La Cornue W.

Elements are distinctive not only by their exclusive design. The latest-generation 150 cm induction cooking range is also a true technological feat just like our new electric Château vault oven turret, 4 cooking modes, high performance but Class A, electronically controlled in steps of 5°. The elements of the Cornue W. line are a quality, lasting prestigious offer like all the creations of the Atelier offer, the Châteaux, Cornuchef lines and the culinary architecture projects, all manufactured by the Compagnons La Cornue of Saint-Ouen l’Aumône.

Table W. schema

Induction table

Dimensions : 150 x 92 x 79 cm
Weight : 110 kg

Wall or central position
4 inductors
Total power: 14,6 kW
Boost function on all inductors
Bridge function on two inductors
Central work space
Hi vision LED indicators
6 knob controls
Towel rail

Four W. schema

Big vaulted oven tower

Tower dimensions : 185 x 90 x 79 cm
Weight : 110 kg

Patented electric big vaulted oven
Homogenous heat circulation
Electric rating A
Power: 5,5 kW
Fast pre-heating technology
Capacity: 74 ltrs
Electronic regulation +/- 5 deg °
4 cooking modes
LCD display
Elements heart heat probe
Painted wood cabinet
Bottom storage tray
Top storage cupboard

Hotte W. schema

La Cornue W. hood

Dimensions : 150 x 100 x 70 cm
Weight : 50 kg

Screen printed grey tempered glass and lacquered sheet metal
Power: 500 W
Wall or central position
Remote controlled : 5 speed motor
6 hallogen spots

Furniture made to order

These elements of the La Cornue W. line are available on order only.

Storage W.

Dimensions : 1200 x 1845 x 700 cm

Double door in oiled American oak wood
Wall or central position
4 possible shelves
Possible fitting for
fridge or freezer
LED lightening
Ventilation grill

Preparation table W.

Dimensions : 1500 x 920 x 700 cm

Countertop in oiled American oak wood
Wall or central position
3 drawers:
640mm (D) x 500mm (W) x 100mm (H)